Gold Plated Face – Tuareg EP

The desert seems to be a not very inspirational and a lifeless place, but as many other harsh places, it is a living ecosystem. Initially Tuareg was supposed to be a custom-made sound installation created in the surround system. Eventually it became a closed form with its own sound narration just like a screenplay of the non-existent but easy to imagine film. This films allows us to experience a lonely night, full of life which surrounds us; a cold night where a sound becomes a medium which allows us to feel the diversity of the life existing on the desert. Than at the down the day begins which is hard to withstand and is full of extreme phenomena. It is represented by the strength of sweltering heat, wind and sand.

Jarek Grzesica (GPF) about the album: “Tuareg EP was composed between March 2010 and October 2011. The work was divided into three stages. In the first state I tried to create a desert ecosystem illustrating it with the sounds which imitate desert life in a micro scale. In the second stage I tried to concentrate on the macro elements such as sand dunes, sand flow and contact with the elements. This part was mainly based on the sound synthesis. In the last stage I tried to find the balance of the micro and macro-cosmos of the desert ecosystem and providing it with the subjective dimension, listening abilities of the person constantly existing in the desert surroundings, the Tuareg, who is the representative of the people who live in harmony with the harsh desert environment.”

The cover art painting representing the Tuareg in the surrounding of the symbolic elements was painted by Artur Endler (Artefilos)

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Gold Plated Face - Tuareg

Gold Plated Face

Tuareg EP

Catalog no. WEFREC/005

Released: 28. March 2012

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